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Seedz Flower Pencil | 4 Pieces | Basil

Seedz Flower Pencil | 4 Pieces | Basil

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With your green-goose Seedz Flower Pencil you contribute to the circular economy. The pencil is FSC certified and you can plant it after use!

As soon as your green-goose Seedz Flower Pencil is too short to write with, simply place it in a plant pot and it will emerge as a lovely mint plant.

FSC Certification

Forests are perhaps our most precious asset. Both for people and animals that are directly or indirectly dependent on it. Forests are a source of biodiversity and indispensable for a stable climate.

For almost 30 years, FSC's mission has been to restore and protect forests. If FSC forest management takes place, anywhere in the world, the forest is healthy and alive. This makes FSC forest management an important instrument against deforestation

By choosing FSC products, you give the forest owner the means to manage the forest sustainably. This also means that forests cannot be converted into areas for palm oil, soy or livestock farming.


By planting a Seedz Bloom Pencil instead of throwing it away, you can make sustainability visible to others and inspire them to make small changes in their daily lives. Pencils with seeds are also the ideal gift item for companies or organizations that have a passion for sustainability.

Our Seedz Flowering Pencil with seeds is made from sustainable certified wood. In these times when more and more people are working from home, your green-goose Seedz Bloom Pencil comes in handy!

The idea behind the Seedz Bloom Pencil is that you can make positive change possible by taking only small steps. With simple innovative solutions, we make the world a bit more sustainable together.

Your green-goose Seedz set consists of 4x4 Flowering Pencils with Mint Seeds and is a plantable kraft package with Summer Flower Seeds.

green goose
green-goose is an initiative to make it easier to start your eco-conscious journey. We are a building block in the foundation of the green future.
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